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GClaim are a software company that specialises in designing, building and maintaining case management systems. We have been in the UK insurance systems market for roughly 20 years. Our clients range from large insurance network managers down to small insurance repair contractors.

We host all our systems on GClaim servers so unlike some of our competitors there is no need to buy your own servers and all the costs involved in maintaining them.

All of our systems allow you to add unlimited users to the system at no additional cost. This gives you the ability to allow all your clients/suppliers/customers access to the system for free.

We have also built customised systems for clients and modified our existing systems to handle bespoke functionality that our clients require in their claim processes. Our systems are used by a variety of clients with specific requirements, so this means that our systems can easily be adapted to manage all types of work.

We are always happy to discuss any requirements that you may have.